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Hooksett School Board Receives Excellence Award

Hooksett School Board Photo

New Hampshire School Boards Association announced the Hooksett School Board as the winner of the 2016 NHSBA School Board of Excellence Award. This award is presented to the school board that has accomplished and implemented best practices over the last year. The award acknowledges leadership, teamwork and effectiveness in school board governance.

Over the last year, the Hooksett School Board has demonstrated excellence and leadership in all areas of school board service. Specifically, the Hooksett School Board has demonstrated leadership in the areas of STEM curriculum, implementing policy choices that allow Hooksett students multiple choices for their high school education, and the establishment of comprehensive school board goals focused on student achievement.

In addition to these initiatives, many members of the Hooksett School Board have taken advantage of NHSBA workshops and are regular attendees at NHSBA training programs.

Also, the Hooksett School Board exhibited leadership and initiative in spearheading efforts to work with NHSBA and the New Hampshire Legislature to add a provision to the Right to Know law to make the process of negotiating student tuition contracts easier for all of New Hampshire school boards. The Hooksett School Board’s efforts on this front yielded positive results for all New Hampshire school boards.

Congratulations Hooksett School Board!

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