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Core Values

Core Value # 1

Schools are for students. All interactions with them must nurture their social, emotional, and academic growth. It is our responsibility to accept all students and treat them with kindness and respect; we are tolerant and non-­judgmental. Our decisions are based on what is best for them. We take responsibility for ensuring the success of our students despite the challenges they may face.

It is our responsibility to foster an environment of respect through interactions with each other, parents, and our educational community. Parents are partners in the educational development of their children and are deserving of our acceptance and support. Additionally, all members of our staff are committed to working professionally with each other.

Core Value # 2

Students meet and exceed high academic standards. Our high expectations demand varied and rigorous learning experiences that enable students to think critically, work collaboratively, communicate effectively, and act with integrity. Every student is unique and has different abilities, needs, and learning styles that require varying instructional techniques and strategies. Student success is ensured through the use of purposeful, research-based, data-informed instruction. We continuously build and maintain the knowledge base and collaborative culture required for high levels of performance for all members of the learning community.

Core Value # 3

We each have the responsibility to ensure the success of all students. The needs of all learners are met when outcome-based learning occurs and when students, teachers, and policymakers are empowered by data. All students learn when their passions and talents are coupled with high expectations and academic rigor in a safe and caring environment.

Core Value # 4

Twenty-­first century instruction is necessary for twenty-­‐first century learning. All members of our learning community hold the responsibility to value technology and achieve technological proficiency to prepare our students for future jobs, which currently may not exist. Customizable learning tools are used to access information and leverage each individual’s learning style. With these technological skills, our students will be prepared to participate in the global community and compete in the global marketplace.

Core Value # 5

We believe that it does, in fact, “take a village to raise a child”. We have a unique opportunity and an obligation in our homes, our community, our businesses, and our schools to influence the learning outcomes of our children. These collaborative partnerships within the community foster thoughtful and relevant learning, promoting the growth of each child.