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Hooksett – Underhill – Memorial Bus Routes 2018-2019

Hooksett – Cawley Bus Routes 2018-2019

Hooksett – Central Bus Routes 2018-2019

Hooksett – West Bus Routes 2018-2019

Hooksett – Pinkerton Bus Routes 2018-2019

Hooksett Grades K-8 Cancellation & Delay Bus Transportation Letter

Manchester High Schools Cancellation & Delay Bus Transportation Letter

Pinkerton Cancellation & Delay Bus Transportation Letter

Please note there have been several changes to the bus routes due to the changes in the number of students in some of our neighborhoods.  The following is a list of the changes:

H-2 is now the only High School bus for West, but it also has an elementary run
H-5 Middle is no longer picking up Morse /Dale Road area that will now be on H-15
H-5 Elementary will go onto Rae Brook
H-6 Elementary is now Merrimack St, Pleasant St and Post Rd
H-7 Middle will run the same way am / pm
H-7 Elementary is now all Hackett Hill and Corriveau Dr
H-10 Elementary is now Sawhill, S.Bow area to include new stop on Pearl/Quimby Mt, Goffstown Rd and Cross Rd
H-12 Elementary is now North Hooksett Road area and Granite St area
H-13 Midddle now includes a Quality Dr stop
H-14 Middle will end at Gary Ave off of Hooksett Rd
H-15 Middle is now Granite Hill (1465 Hooksett Rd ) and Morse and Dale Roads area
H-16 Pinkerton has two additional stops…  Sherwood/Underhill  and Martins Ferry/Mcallister  am /pm
H-17 New Middle route covering University Heights, Morgan, Grant and Main St, Pine and Springer area
H-17 New Elementary is the former H-12’s elementary route which is Zapora, Morrill, Autumn run, Summerfare and Londonderry Tpk
H-18 Central High School route for the whole town

If you have any specific questions about routes or stops please contact Student Transportation of America at 222-2248.

High School students are required to purchase a bus pass in order to ride the school bus and this pass needs to be presented daily.  Passes are $55/semester for transportation to and from high school or $27.50/semester for either AM only or PM only transportation.  Passes are available for purchase online with a credit card at My School Bucks or by check/cash by coming into Cawley Middle School.

For questions regarding bus passes please call the David R Cawley Middle School at 518-5047.